Man Cannot Live by Coke and Gushers Alone

With Otakon in less than a week and containing a packed schedule of activities, it can seem pretty overwhelming. Combined with the fact that Otakon panel rooms can be very far apart, you likely won’t be able to do everything. But even if you don’t succeed, you can at least try, and the best way to make sure that you have the energy to get to places quickly without tiring yourself out is to eat well.

It’s not like I’m telling you to count calories while at the con, but to remember that good, balanced nutrition goes a long way and helps you throughout the day, while fueling yourself with candy and soda only gets you so far. And when you try to replace the depleted candy and soda with more candy and soda, it compounds the negative effects, which include (but are not limited to) dehydration, lethargy, and headaches.

Water of course is a big deal, and is the essential of essentials (as it is in life in general). Think about your food groups, try to find some balance of protein, fruits, and grains. Granola bars for instance are a simple and easy way to get a boost, and it also has the added benefit of saving you money compared to eating out.

This year, my friends and I are taking things like grits and oatmeal for hot, healthy meals to start the day, cold cereals for variety, trail mix for a well-balanced boost of sugars and proteins and such, and even a bit of instant ramen because it’s not like we can be good all of the time. You don’t necessarily have to eat all of the food you bring, but it’s good to have just in case, and eating an apple when you’re feeling hungry in the middle of the day is still better than eating a Snickers bar.

Of course, you can eat an apple AND a Snickers bar too.

Last thing, check out the Reverse Thieves’ Con Survival guide, particularly their room and board section, as it also talks a fair deal about how to handle food at conventions.

5 thoughts on “Man Cannot Live by Coke and Gushers Alone

  1. I’ve made it through the last 2 otakons by just not eating. First year I ate exactly one Panera Bread sandwich. Second year I ate about one 7-11 quarter-pound hotdog a day, and maybe some snacks. All in the name of not spending my precious money on food. This year will probably be even worse because I don’t have as much money, so I’ll prolly only eat whatever food we take with us.

    This never effected my performance, nor did getting probably around 6 hours of sleep a night lol.


  2. Yeah, the food inside the convention center is generally crazy expensive, which is why some people just try to do without.

    before the con weekend, I have sandwiches ready for every day I go. And every night, i have a bottle of water both in the fridge and freezer ready to go by morning. Of course, not everyone has access to a freezer, but you could just go and pack a metal water bottle with ice or something.

    Frozen water bottles were a godsend at AX2007.
    Not so much in AX2010. It was strangely… cool and nice. Odd, for a Los Angeles summer day.


  3. if you guys are staying in a hotel room , why not make full use of their buffet breakfast ? and of course the next big meal you’ll be eating would probably dinner.

    some snacks during the day like nuts, fruits or even sandwich ain’t that difficult or expensive to bring along.


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