The Fujoshi Files 19: Katou

Name: Katou (藪崎)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: N/A
Origin: Genshiken: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture

Katou is a member of the Manga Society (Manken) at Shiiou University in Tokyo, where she is often seen in the company of fellow club members Yabusaki and Asada. She is also an acquaintance of Genshiken member Ohno Kanako due to their common preference for older men.

Although not apparent at first glance, Katou is actually extremely beautiful but normally chooses to hide her face behind long bangs. Her hairstyle also works to obscure her personality; while she can be seen as quiet and even a little dark, her actual charisma and keen perception of group dynamics make her quite suited to inter-club diplomatic relations where even the aggressive Yabusaki fears to tread.

Fujoshi Level:
Little is directly known about Katou’s fujocity, but as Ohno considers her an ally it is safe to say that she is quite strong. In addition, like Ohno, she seems to be a guiding force for the other members of her club.

One thought on “The Fujoshi Files 19: Katou

  1. Another fujoshi who hides her beauty. The other one I am talking about is from Tsukimi from Kuragehime. Although Tsukimi was unaware of it before her makeover by Kuranosuke, she rejected her beauty so she would not be ostracized by her fujoshi sisters.

    I wonder if Katou uses her bangs the way Tsukimi uses hair clips and sweat suits.

    To take another scenario, Kousaka is very attractive, but he is even more of a hardcore otaku than most of the male members of the Genshiken. However, that didn’t stop the other males from having secret “Is Kousaka Really Otaku?” meetings behind his back.

    Are nerds that insecure when a more attractive member of their group emerges? Is this simply human nature or is this just another trope?

    I agree that judging others (of the same sex) by their good looks is foolish, but to go the opposite direction and equate beauty as evil personfied (Lucifer before the Fall) is not good either.


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