The Fujoshi Files 23: “Onee-chan”

Name: N/A
“Onee-chan” (お姉ちゃん), “Nee-chan” (ねーちゃん)
Relationship Status: Complicated
Origin: Fujoshi Nikushoku Hikikomori

An unnamed hikikomori, this girl is occasionally visited by a younger guy. Possessing a strong sexual appetite, she aggressively pursues a primarily physical relationship with her male friend.

Fujoshi Level:
Other than her designation as a “fujoshi,” there is little evidence of her status as such. The most relevant information available is that she treats her friend like a typical BL “uke/bottom” character.


3 thoughts on “The Fujoshi Files 23: “Onee-chan”

  1. I generally know about the anime from which the characters of your fujoshi files are from. This time around, that is not the case. Could you tell us about it?

    By the way, why did you decide not to precise this information in the first place? Without being judgmental in the slightest, I’m curious about it.


    • You can see the series each character is from in the main Fujoshi Files archive page above, but I may consider adding it to each profile to make things easier.

      The title here, Fujoshi Nikushoku Hikikomori, aka Carnivorous Fujoshi Hikikomori, is an explicit adult one-shot thing, and there’s not much to it other than what is talked about here.


      • Thanks for your reply, so the tags were the title after all. I tried to google them but received no satisfying responses. It must be, as you say, because it is not that interesting.

        I prefer asking when I don’t know about the source. Your posts allowed me to discover many great things after all.


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