The Fujoshi Files 28: BL-chan

Name: BL-chan (BLちゃん)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: Dating
Origin: Tonari no 801-chan

BL-chan is a good friend of 801-chan’s. Along with Odango-chan they often join together for “fujoshi meetups.” Though she originally declared that she can find true love because her true love is 2D, BL has been dating a younger man.

BL-chan shares similar tastes with 801-chan, such as a fondness for the Prince of Tennis musical, but will also disagree on certain aesthetic matters, such as how hairy the men should be below the belt (BL-chan prefers guys to be smooth). She is also more receptive to content that is a little more hardcore compared to her friends. Like 801-chan, BL-chan manifests her fujoshi side through the appearance of a small creature, though hers has what might be either bat wings or ears.

Fujoshi Level:
Upon being asked about her boyfriend, BL-chan responded by describing him as “a vulnerable uke (bottom) who thinks he’s a seme (top).”

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