Aniblog Tourney II Quick Guide

If you’re coming from the Aniblog Tourney, welcome. I’ll make this short and sweet.

This blog’s been running for a while now and has what could be considered a rather daunting archive, so I’ve picked out some of my better posts. I encourage you to take a look. Don’t forget to check out the blog that’s going up against me as well, and remember that voting is open to both new and long-time readers of Ogiue Maniax.

Round 5 Opponent: Metanorn (June 25th)

Round 4 Opponent: Sekijitsu (June 20th)

Round 3 Opponents: Atarashii Prelude, Bokutachi no Blog, Loli Salad (June 6th)

Round 2 Opponent: Shonen Beam (May 4th)

Round 1 Opponent: BYE

Long Posts

Explaining Decompression in Comics

The Divide of Time, Space, and Imagination: A Look At the Concept of Nostalgic Merchandise

Seeing the Darkness of Madoka Magica

Short Posts

Understanding the “Emotionless” Anime Girl

Drossel, the Best Figma

More Powerful than Aizen and Freeza Put Together

Dumb Posts

Another Legend is Born

Testing Out Comipo!

What is Kuronuma Sawako’s Favorite American Football Team?


You’re Magical: Ojamajo Doremi

Moe Anime Girl Gets Pregnant, Has Baby – Jigopuri Volume 1

Brilliance of Life, Billions of Stars: Rintaro’s Galaxy Express 999


Why I Like Ogiue, Part 2

Battle, Fever: Genshiken II, Chapter 64 (SPOILER WARNING)

The Difference in Variety in the New Genshiken


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