The Fujoshi Files 48: Chie

Name: Chie (千絵)
Kai Muryuu (海夢)
Relationship Status: Dating
Origin: Hanjuku “fu” joshi

Chie is a 22-year old college senior who devotes most of her time to BL, being both an artist under the name “Kai Muryuu” and active consumer of comics and games under that theme. In contrast to her fictional interests, she has more of a preference for girls, and is even thrilled to go to her little sister’s high school festival because of the fact that it is an all-girls’ school. Chie is also quite fashionable for a fujoshi.

Though Chie originally prioritized “moe” over “love,” her encounter with a female high school otaku named Yuria begins to shift her feelings in the opposite direction. Her relationship with Yuria inspires Chie to begin drawing yuri doujinshi.

Fujoshi Level:
Chie’s 2-D interests and 3-D relationship combine in a somewhat incongruous fashion, especially after she starts dating Yuria. The manifestation of this contradiction and Chie’s desire to have both make for a versatile fujoshi.

One thought on “The Fujoshi Files 48: Chie

  1. Ah…another lesbian fujoshi. :D The only other I know is Kanbaru Suruga from Bakemonogatari. They’re far more common in real life than anime may lead to believe, just like there are hundreds of yuri fangirls who are otherwise heterosexual.


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