The Fujoshi Files 52: Chiba Yuki

Name: Chiba, Yuki (千葉由紀)
Aliases: Hiiragi Yukihime (柊雪姫 ), Vitamin Wonderful, (ビタミン・ワンダフル), Vita One (ビタワン)
Relationship Status: N/A
Origin: Mousou Shoujo Otakukei

Chiba Yuki is an extremely popular doujinshi artist, acting as the artist half of the circle “Vitamin Wonderful” alongside her friend Aoi Haruka. Focusing mainly on the Fullemtal Prince (“Haga-Pri”) series, Chiba’s good looks, talent, generous personality, and fandom connections make her something of an idol among her fellow fujoshi. Not confined to working in yaoi, Chiba also has experience drawing male-oriented doujinshi.

Yuki is the older sister of Chiba Shunsuke, the boyfriend of fujoshi Matsui Youko, and it is through this connection that Youko and her best friend Asai Rumi are able to become friends with Yuki. She is also the reason why Shunsuke has an unusually high knowledge of fujoshi culture even prior to meeting Youko.

Fujoshi Level:
Though Chiba has her own preferences, the best indication of her love of yaoi may be the fact that her fans are so deeply moved by the work she produces. Among Fullmetal Prince fans, she is almost legendary in status.

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