The Fujoshi Files 55: Buraidaru Marie

Name: Buraidaru, Marie (舞頼堕流マリエ)
Alias: Marie-sensei (マリエ先生)
Relationship Status: Married
Origin: Codename Sailor V

Buraidaru Marie is the famous author of the smash hit 110-volume shoujo fighting manga Aurora Wedding. Featuring ten heroines who run a bridal shop by day and fight evil at night, it has made Marie fabulously wealthy and earned her a fan in Aino Minako, the girl also known as the “Champion of Justice” Sailor V. She herself is a fan of the mysterious Phantom Ace, who bears a resemblance to her editor, Baishaku Shinrou.

After a mishap involving an evil minion known as Wan Wan, Marie married her editor and ended Aurora Wedding.

Fujoshi Level:
Marie has drawn yaoi doujinshi of Phantom Ace.

One thought on “The Fujoshi Files 55: Buraidaru Marie

  1. Marie was one of my most favorite parts of the Sailor V manga. They should have given her a cameo in the BSSM anime, she was a riot. Plus anyone who can draw 100+ volumes of manga without having their limbs fall off is awesome in my book ♥


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