The Fujoshi Files 78: Miyano Tamae

Name: Miyano, Tamae (宮野環依)
Tamatan (たまたん), Tama-nee (タマ姐), Gojappe (ゴジャッペ)
Relationship Status:
Fudanshism: Fudanshi Shugi na Seikatsu

Miyano Tamae is a woman who, despite her youthful appearance, is actually a college student. When she falls sick and becomes unable to attend Comic Manga Market, her little brother Amata ends up being her replacement, which is also the origins of his crossdressing adventures as “Amane.” Initiating Amata into the world of the fujoshi, she also acts as a mentor for all things otaku-related.

Along with Morikawa Rion and Kawashima Moko, Tamae (under the name “Tamatan”) is a member of the popular doujin circle Gojappe, which specializes in the pairing of mascots Tentel and Mikoto (in that order) from the magical girl series Omakase Tentel. Gojappe is a popular circle, and even Tamae herself was originally a fan of the group before joining. Tamae is into guys with glasses, has a tendency to end her sentences with the syllable “yo,” and is so extremely knowledgeable about anime and manga as well as the culture surrounding it to the extent that she is able to explain even the subtlest distinctions to absolute beginners.

Fujoshi Level:
Tamae’s wealth of information on anime and manga naturally extends to yaoi and BL, acting as an encouraging older sister (both literal and figurative) for those less experienced in those matters. She also created her own comprehensive fujoshi rating system, where she categorizes herself as a “Music Game Fujoshi,” with a Delusion Power rating of 1000 and and an Economic Power rating of 800.


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