The Fujoshi Files 80: Rittoku Kanae

Name: Rittoku, Kanae (六徳カナエ)
Kana (カナ), Ankoku Miko (暗黒皇子), Anko Kumiko (あんこくみこ)
Relationship Status:
Origin: Fudanshism: Fudanshi Shugi na Seikatsu

Rittoku Kanae is a teenager attending Kentei Academy with a love for cosplaying as men, gothic lolita fashion, and visual kei. Believing that her developing figure prevents her from being the ideal image of a girl (something she derives from visual kei), Kanae tends to minimize the appearance of her very large breasts through the use of wraps and loose clothing. It is Kanae’s experience in this regard that allows her to immediately notice that the gothic lolita fujoshi “Amane” is actually a boy. Despite the fact that she harbors feelings for not only Amane but Amane’s true self (fellow classmate Miyano Amata), she does not realize the two are the same for a very long time.

Kanae’s hobby is to compose dark poetry on her website under the pen name Ankoku Miko, “priestess of darkness.” Her favorite band is Beni Kagerou, a two-man band featuring male crossplayers. She is also a fan of the anime Omakase Tentel, though not to the extent of her friends and acquaintances.

Fujoshi Level:
Rittoku is not an extreme fujoshi, as her other hobbies seem to hold higher priority in her life. On Miyano Tamae’s fujoshi rating system, she is a “Visual Kei (Bangya) Fujoshi” with a Delusion Power level of 2500 and an Economic Power of 200.

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