Curbing My Anime Enthusiasm

In my 6th Blog Anniversary post, I spoke about how my schedule has made it so that for the next few months my posts will probably be singificantly less refined in terms of content and complexity, and likely sporadic. Currently I need to concentrate myself primarily towards another task, and so I basically can’t afford to expend my concentration and mental energy too extensively on Ogiue Maniax. Thus, I’ve decided to switch to a method of posting in which the act of blogging is more stress relief and patchworks of thought. You may have noticed it already.

The funny thing is, while often times this can be attributed to some kind of burnout (be it for their blog or for anime/manga in general), this is not the case for me, and in fact I’ve felt the opposite in the past. The issue is that this desire for more is something I must mitigate. I have to basically force myself to not blog, because if I spend too much time with anime and manga, it encourages too much thinking, too much analysis, and too much desire to just keep finding more. If I blog based on that, it draws me towards putting in some serious effort into what I’m writing in a desire to present really well-structured posts, which is again something I need to make sure I don’t do.

It’s a really odd situation to be in, but I hope people understand. I’m not trying to rekindle a dying flame, I’m trying to contain an inferno.

2 thoughts on “Curbing My Anime Enthusiasm

  1. I’m starting to feel the same way. There are many things I want to write about. I also like to go to places like Kinokuniya to keep my love for anime and manga alive. In some ways, I feel like anime has saved my life and it’s hard to take a break from it. I love to go deep into characters as there’s something we can learn from

    Though I have thought about one of the goals I had, which was using my blog as a way to get employed at a job I would enjoy. If that happens, I can say I would be content. Being able to do a blog consistently and with complexity is something to be proud of, despite the problems you may have. It shows you can be committed to something.

    I hope you can channel that focus to your other ventures.


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