The Fujoshi Files 91: Kawashima Moko

Name: Kawashima, Moko (川島もこ)
Gojappe (ゴジャッペ)
Relationship Status:
Fudanshism: Fudanshi Shugi na Seikatsu

Kawashima Moko is a worker at an Akihabara maid cafe with a love of frilly and gothic lolita clothing, though is at first unsure of wearing the latter. Originally, a fan of the doujin circle Gojappe, she eventually ends up becoming a part of the circle, helping at every convention to sell their doujinshi. Though at first unaware of the fact that the fujoshi known as “Amane” is a guy, she learns the truth as a result of helping Gojappe.

Moko is a regular attendee of Comic Manga Market, and is a fan of the anime Omakase Tentel, particularly the pairing of Tentel x Mikoto, or Ten x Miko.

Fujoshi Level:
The exact degree to which Moko is a fujoshi is not known, but it is clear given her interest in Gojappe that she definitely is one.

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