The Fujoshi Files 116: Fujiyoshi Sakurako

Name: Fujiyoshi Sakurako (藤吉桜子)
Alias: The Virgin Mary (聖女マリア)
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Hebi to Maria to Otsuki-sama

Fujiyoshi Sakurako is a high school student attending St. Otaku Women’s Academy. A closet fujoshi, she maintains an outward image of innocence and purity to the extent that she is referred to by fellow students as the Virgin Mary. The only people who initially know her secret are her mother, a famous romance novelist, and her best friend (and otome game otaku) Yori. Sakurako has experience drawing doujinshi as well as reading plenty of it.

Initially blackmailed by two high school boys who discover her hobby, Sakurako discovers that the two are actually the true identity behind “Maria Megu,” Sakurako’s favorite BL artist. She begins working as an assistant for them.

Fujoshi Level:
Sakurako kills two birds with one stone, maintaining her image as a refined lady while reveling in her own fujoshi ways by hiding her BL inside of fine literature books.

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