The Fujoshi Files 123: Choco Donuts

Name: Choco Donuts (チョコドーナツ)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: Married
Origin: Inaka no Sengyou no Shufu-chan

Choco Donuts is a “shufu,” a fujoshi wife, who moved to the Japanese countryside after getting married. Living in “S Prefecture,” she must not only hide her yaoi-loving side from the innocent old ladies who reside there, but must also deal with the fact that it is more difficult to obtain BL works compared to more densely populated regions. Originally becoming an otaku in high school, Choco Donuts would become a complete BL fan in college. She is also a fan of the manga series Junjou Maron, which features a complex love web including a hero, a rival, the hero’s father, and even a horse.

Fujoshi Level:
Choco Donuts traveled to four different bookstores in S Prefecture just to find the latest volume of Junjou Maron.

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