The Fujoshi Files 126: Chitose Sakurako

Name: Chitose, Sakurako (千歳桜子 )
Alias: Cherry (チェリー)
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Princess Ringo’s Adventures in “Wota” Land

Chitose Sakurako is a fujoshi who first meets Himenogi Rin and Yamada Moe at an event for her favorite series, Prince Salaryman. Afterwards, she lands a job at their office, but when a manager named Hayami Yorimichi manipulates Sakurako into having sex with him and then posts the pictures on the internet, the three of them hatch a plan to get back at him.

Fujoshi Level:
At the doujin event where Sakurako first met Rin, she got so into her cosplay as the Prince Salaryman character Red and her yaoi fantasies that she ended up french kissing Rin (also cosplaying the same character).

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