The Fujoshi Files 134: Okamoto Yuriko

Name: Okamoto, Yuriko (岡本百合子)
Alias: Elizabeth (エリザベス)
Relationship Status: Married
Origin: Cyber Yaoi Girl

Okamoto Yuriko leads two lives. When she is at home, she is a respectable wife and mother from a well-to-do traditional family, clad in a kimono. When among her fellow yaoi fans, however, Yuriko becomes “Elizabeth,” clad in gothic lolita and Harajuku-esque fashions. When asked why she wears such clothing, Yuriko insists that it’s because they look good on her, though those around her tend to disagree.

Yuriko is one of the fans Tanaka Mitsuki befriends as she becomes a part of the online Ai no Doronuma fandom. Yuriko runs her own Aidoro fansite, and also writes yaoi short stories. She also defends her son’s use of the internet despite her mother-in-law’s claims that it hurts his grades.

Fujoshi Level:
Yuriko once walked into a situation with her husband and his mistress, and then mentally turned the woman into a guy in order to fuel her next yaoi short story.

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