Waku Waku +NYC: In Japan, Ketchup is Not a Crime

I’ve written a new post at the Waku Waku +NYC blog, about how ketchup is treated as a versatile ingredient in Japanese food in contrast to its reputation in the US as a one-note, non-exciting condiment.

What do you think of ketchup? Is it worthy of respect, or another example of people having no taste?

3 thoughts on “Waku Waku +NYC: In Japan, Ketchup is Not a Crime

  1. I used to think that ketchup was something one should only use on burgers and sausages, but then I had OmuRice and I have to say I was positively surprised with the flavour. Still don’t think I’d go to the same extent as they seem to do in Japan (or at least young people from what I gather).


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