[Apartment 507] Myriad Colors Phantom World is Like a 90s Anime


I’ve written a post about Myriad Colors Phantom World over at Apartment 507, and its similarities to anime of the 90s such as Slayers and Saber Marionette J. What do you think? Is Phantom World a “1990s anime in 2016 clothing?”

One thought on “[Apartment 507] Myriad Colors Phantom World is Like a 90s Anime

  1. I completely understand where you’re coming from, but I think the similarities are all superficial.

    At least in my opinion, the two example shows you cite, Slayers and Saber Marionette, had significantly better characterization, and were far wittier and possessed of much better internal narrative logic than Myriad Colors. Much more importantly, in even their worst moments, the older shows had an innocent exuberance about them that Myriad Colors utterly lacks.

    Frankly, Myriad Colors has no heart. It’s just a bland and crass commercial pandering machine that feels like it was assembled by the members of an otaku focus group.

    It’s especially disappointing coming from Kyoto Animation, which more and more these days seems like a baseball player on the wrong side of 30.


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