We Never Learn: What’s Best vs. What Results in the Greatest Happiness

The two main heroines of the manga We Never Learn have a dilemma. Each is a natural genius in a specific field, but both of them want to specialize in a subject that is their Achilles’ heel. If they play to their strengths, they will have easier lives, and they might even change the world. But their hearts lie in their weak areas, leading to a conflict potentially familiar to many: what’s “best” for them isn’t necessarily what will make them “happiest.”

I think elements like this are why the series has succeeded in maintaining my interest. It’s an understandable struggle that goes beyond the basic harem fanservice qualities of the manga and anime, and while exaggerated for comedic purposes, is something that plenty of people both inside and outside of Japan have to deal with. Do you pursue the impossible dream, do you aim for stability, or do you try to find a middle point? If you achieve less but enjoy the struggle more, is it worthwhile?

It’s clear that We Never Learn supports is characters long-odds pursuits, even as the culture around the manga often says otherwise. I’m not entirely sure if there’s a deeper message overall, but it’s at least one that resonates with anyone who’s had to deal with the conflict between inner hopes and outer expectations.


One thought on “We Never Learn: What’s Best vs. What Results in the Greatest Happiness

  1. Pursuing your greatest interest is a common trait in stories about mangaka.
    Families, friends and the rest of society may disagree but the nascent mangaka
    forges onward to eventual success or obscure failure.

    I think the title of the biggest failure story which is about a middle-aged fellow
    who quits his job, to the distress of his family. to pursue publication is
    “I’ll do better tomorrow”.(right now I cannot find my copies). He fails as he has no
    ability to tell a story. I may have been the only one to read the several volumes
    but I cannot even find an online reference to this manga. Doubtless the story is
    very depressing as the drawing is bad and the protagonist is completely out of
    his depth.



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