Disney’s Red-Headed Robot Stepchild, aka Bring Fireball to the World, You Cowards

Fireball is a quirky series of CG-animated shorts starring a snarky and aloof robot girl named Drossel. It doesn’t look out of place among other Japanese animation, except it’s made by Walt Disney Japan. Since 2008, Fireball has gotten a new series every few years. However, not only has it never been translated officially into English, but mainstream Disney (Japan or otherwise) seems reluctant to acknowledge its existence.

Sure, Fireball gets some new merchandise every so often, and they don’t skimp on the quality. The Chogokin and Nendoroid Drossels capture the character well. There’s no crossover, though. A few years ago, I had the chance to visit Tokyo DisneySea in Japan for the first time, and I was looking forward to checking out any Fireball merchandise they might have. After all, even if you can’t get anything at Disneyland or Disney World, I assumed that the country where the show was made would at least have something at one of their signature theme parks. I was wrong.

In terms of properties less prominent in the US, there was Duffy the bear—a hit all across Asia—but I wanted the Hatsune Miku with a boatload of sass that is Drossel.

Fireball isn’t alone in this regard. It’s not look Kim Possible merch is abundant at the US parks, and the amazing Gargoyles TV series seems to get only a begrudging nod. But even those two cartoons are available on Disney Plus, while Fireball remains inaccessible. Maybe if people can stream the series —I would even accept a dub (I say, as I sense the monkey’s paw curl)—people would see the show’s greatness. Then, I can visit Tokyo’s Disney parks again someday and walk out with a Drossel keychain or something.

Hey, I’m keeping my expectations realistic.

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