The Fujoshi Files 42: Alexia Cole

Name: Cole, Alexia (アレクシア・コール)
Alisa (アリサ)
Relationship Status:
Kiddy Girl-and

Alexia Cole, better known as Alisa, is a receptionist for the Galactic Trade Organization alongside her friend and colleague Belle. Often spending her free time at work at the Touch & Go Cafe, she gets along with the two maids there, Ascoeur and Q-Feuille, as well as its owner Mi Nourose. Possessing a large bust and a cheerful demeanor, Alisa is in fact the descendant of Liquide Cole, a receptionist for the predecessor of the GTO, and also the daughter of the powerful Cole Zaibatsu.

As a fujoshi, Alisa’s room is adorned with yaoi posters, and on her days off she visits “Say You Cafe: Beyond Loads,” a cafe which doubles as a training ground for male voice actors. Alisa writes BL stories for the purpose of having the voice actors-in-training perform them. Her favorite actor there is “Top.”

Fujoshi Level:
In addition to her custom scripts, Alisa does not keep her love of yaoi entirely restricted to her personal life, storing a giant stash of BL manga behind the reception desk at work.