The Fujoshi Files 170: Andou Tsubaki

Name: Andou, Tsubaki (安藤つばき)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: Single

An employee at Musashino Animation, Andou Tsubaki’s first assignment is as a production assistant under Miyamori Aoi for the animated adaptation of the manga The Third Aerial Girls Squad. Unlike her fellow newbie recruit Satou Sara, Andou is a hardcore otaku who is already familiar with the work of the director and other industry professionals. When asked why she likes working in animation (despite being only there briefly), she states that fan works are a mix of understanding both characters and story, implying that she plans to use her experience in actual anime production for her own amateur endeavors.

Fujoshi Level:
Other than that she’s into BL, nothing else is known specifically about Andou Tsubaki as a fujoshi.