Now I Know What It Feels Like to Be Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is by far one of my favorite anime, and I am quite fond all of its characters, which includes its main heroine, Kinomoto Sakura. Back when I first watched the series though, one thing about her struck me as rather odd. In an early episode, Sakura decides to treat herself with some money she’s saved up. You begin to think, is she going to get a doll, or maybe some kind of dessert or candy? How about a nice dress? But no, Sakura’s gets pancakes. And not even pancakes at a restaurant or something, but pancake mix, and she actually gives away some of her pancakes.

I remember thinking, wow, Sakura, you sure have no idea what it means to indulge yourself.

But recently, I’ve been feeling a bit pressured by impending deadlines, and as I struggle a bit to get my work done, I sometimes think of treating myself. Do I go to a restaurant, maybe get a nice bowl of noodles? Or maybe take a trip out to another city, perhaps even another country? No, instead I say to myself, “I’m going to buy some ground beef!” which as you know is like pancake mix, only made of cows. Sometimes it’s chicken breast.

So there I am, thinking that a delightful reward for myself is food which takes time to prepare and even more time to cook, though thankfully I don’t have an older brother’s friend whom I have a crush on who’d be getting like half of my cheeseburgers.

Sorry, Sakura. I understand you a little better now.


So yesterday I drew a cheeseburger, and it got me thinking about what I’d do if I owned a burger place. I’ve talked about how I’d like to have my own restaurant before, but here I put in some serious thought.

As mentioned, this would be a burger joint. The beef would always be fresh, never frozen, and the main thrust would be the burgers. I wouldn’t want to bog down the menu too much.

Now for those in the know, I would have hidden items that don’t actually appear on the menu, things that would be spread by word-of-mouth. You could get quadruple patties if you want and all sorts of things, but the #1 most well-regarded menu option would be a unique sauce of my own making.

So when you go, make sure to order your burger and fries “anime-style.”