Comic Market 77 and You (and Ogiue)

It’s that time of the year again, where nerds in Japan decide that spending time with family or romancing a love interest are less important activities than attending the largest doujin event of the year. It’s Winter Comiket #77 this year (though keep in mind they have them twice a year with the other being in the summer), and if you’re like me you’re thinking, “Where can I get some Ogiue stuff?”

Though I won’t be able to attend, I have looked through the catalog. As far as I can tell there are only two doujin circles presenting anything this year Ogi-related. That might not seem like a lot, but given that Ogiue was never TOO popular a character, it’s good to see people fighting the good fight. Better yet, they’re artists I’m familiar with already.

Royal Crown will be there Tuesday, 12/29 (i.e. the first day of Comiket), at 東 フ゜−01b. That’s katakana East “Pu,” Zero One B.

Anri Works appears to have been unable to get a booth this year, but is looking to entrust someone with his doujinshi. If you’re there keep an eye out. He’s good people.

To my Japanese Ogiue comrades, I salute you.


The group is called Kannazuki and will be there Tuesday at East Katakana Pu 2A. The name of their book is “All that’s Ogiue-san” so you know they’re good.