1st US Go Go Curry Eating Championship Results

The Winners Are…!

1st Place: Joseph F. Menchetti

2nd Place: Dale Boone

3rd Place: Don Moses Lerman

Congratulatons to all the finalists and I hope they don’t regret all that eating. Even if they do, I’m sure they’re used to it by now.

5 Men, 1 Destiny, Countless Calories, and the True Japanese Spirit: Go! Go! Curry Eating Championship

Tomorrow is a momentous event where indomitable wills gattai with iron stomachs in order to take on a foe relatively new to eating competitions in America: Japanese-style curry, courtesy of my favorite Japanese curry joint, Go Go Curry, located on 38th St and 8th Ave in Manhattan. No, I am not participating in this event, though I have a keen interest in it, and anything that spreads the reputation of Go Go Curry is fine by me.

This, my friends, is the First Annual Go Go Curry Eating Championship. Unlike the preliminaries where the rules were about speed, this is about both speed and capacity, and what you have to remember is that when it comes to eating competitions looks can be deceiving.

Curry is not a difficult food to eat quickly (you don’t even have to CHEW it if you don’t want to), but because it’s rice and thus carbs, it can really add up after a while.

There will be pretty much no seating available, so I suggest that you do what I do and watch it on justin.tv. And then afterwards, maybe get some curry.