English Karaoke Simply Isn’t Dork Enough

As mentioned in the NYAF review, I spent friday night having a most excellent time with karaoke. It was karaoke as it should be, full of passion and hilarity and no holding back. Towards the back of the Japanese song-list catalog is a section titled “Anime and Hero Songs” followed by “Game Songs.” I consider this to be the pinnacle of karaoke.

There’s one problem: not everyone can do it.

Sub is a badass manly individual and occasional critic, and I have a relatively extensive knowledge of the sort of anime fitting for karaoke while also being literate in Japanese so I can fudge my way through parts I don’t know. Not everyone has these luxuries, and thus they are denied the full experience.  How does one solve this issue? Do we provide a list of sufficiently awesome songs in English that would be common enough for people to know such as Eye of the Tiger?

What I’d really like is if English karaoke had cartoon theme songs beyond, say, Disney. Get some Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors or King Arthur and the Knights of Justice in there. Sadly, people assume that no one wants these songs and so they end up unavailable.

Some weeks back I searched for information on the singer to one of the most famous cartoon themes, the opening to the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. I looked on the official site of all places, and even it fails to list the actual people responsible for their famed intro.

What to do?

Actually, I know the solution.