The Japanese Language..and beyond?

I’ve sometimes thought about becoming a true polyglot, speaking languages the world over. But then I think about what is probably my main barrier in gaining the ability to be multilingual, which is opportunities to use the language, and the problem with opportunity lies with my personality.

In Japan I could have used Japanese a lot more, but I didn’t go out with friends often. When I think about my friends who socialized with their classmates a lot more, I wonder how much better my Japanese could have improved. Even now, with a lack of practice partners, I find my speaking skills rusting, and if I really had the drive I would be going out of my way to find native speakers. I learned Spanish in junior high and high school but that’s withered away to just rolling my r’s whenever I feel like it.

Once the JLPT 2 is over though, I’ll probably try to reinforce the Cantonese that’s supposed to be my second language. After that, who knows.

And yes, I know that I already technically qualify as a polyglot, but it doesn’t seem appropriate when I only have true command of one language.