The Fujoshi Files 132: Sakasegawa Rinko

Name: Sakasegawa, Rinko (逆瀬川倫子)
Alias: Ponta (ポン太)
Relationship Status: Divorced
Origin: Cyber Yaoi Girl

Sakasegawa Rinko is a high-class OL. Often misunderstood by her co-workers as being a very sexually active woman, Rinko actually spends most of her time online browsing yaoi sites. She is one of the many fans of Ai no Doronuma Tanaka Mitsuki meets as she discovers online yaoi fandom.

Rinko has a wealthy ex-husband, who despite his good looks and talents is actually quite desperate and needy. Though Rinko treats him with mild disdain and great pity, her husband basks in this pathetic “interaction.”

Fujoshi Level:
One of the reasons Rinko divorced her husband was because his need for attention was interfering with her time chatting with fellow yaoi fans.