He’s So Through, You Know

Parkour is an activity French in origin where practitioners try to get from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible, usually navigating through obstacles rather than around them to save time.

I can think of at least two anime characters who already have the right mindset for this non-competitive physical activity.

Kageyama Torako (Hyakko)

Her obsession with moving in a straight line towards her intended goal no matter the circumstance means that Torako has a bright future in Parkour, though she perhaps has to work on the fact that she actually ends up taking longer to get to her destination.

Raoh (Fist of the North Star)

Physical roadblocks actually mean nothing to him, as the man is actually unwilling to walk around a building if he can simply walk straight through it. Some might say that he’s too lacking in acrobatics for Parkour, but I think his spirit is in the right place.

Can you think of any other potential Parkour specialists out there in anime and manga?

No, Not the One That Makes Bad Puns

Anybody who’s read or seen enough of Hokuto no Ken knows that there is a very specific point where the series jumps the shark: the time skip. It was very clear that the series was supposed to end, but editorial interference meant the series had to chug along even if it stopped making any sense at all. And it’s not like Hokuto no Ken was all that dedicated to establishing its canon in the first place, but it got ridiculous and it was obvious that they were running out of ideas.

Perhaps the best example of this shark-jumping is “Kaioh,” one of the major villains after the time skip who is design-wise quite literally “Raoh with a scar on his face,” only his armor is different. He was even voiced by Raoh’s seiyuu Utsumi Kenji in the anime!

The word bubble on this page with Kaioh actually SAYS “Raoh!”

So I ask, who says that the post time skip stuff can’t be cleaned up? It may be many years after Hokuto no Ken first debuted, but that doesn’t mean we can’t finally try to make something out of that material. Some cool characters appear and it’d be a shame to see them tossed away forever. Why can’t some of that pachinko and slot machine money go into, say, revamping Kaioh’s design and this time making him truly original? If there’s an anime, you could give him a different voice actor, change his facial features, etc. I think there’s much potential there.