When It Comes Pouring Down and It Burns Inside

Every so often in anime you get a character who is not just American but fabulously so. The internet’s most famous example would probably be “Bandit” Keith Howard of Yu-Gi-Oh! fame, but he’s also joined by fellow Yu-Gi-Oh! characters Pegasus J. Crawford and Rebecca Hopkins, as well as true patriots such as the super robot pilots Jack and Mary King, anime fans Sue Hopkins and Angel Burton, and bakers Spencer Henry and Monica Adenauer, Italian-American and German-American respectively. There’s so many of these excellent individuals that I even made a club dedicated to them.

But there’s a new inductee to the club that stands out in particular, a man among men. I’ll let him introduce himself.

Seen in the best fanservice anime based on a blackjack-themed pachinko slot machine ever, Rio: Rainbow Gate, Bull Hard as you can tell is quite American. Hearing him talk, he has about the same level of Janglish as the illustrious Jack King mentioned above. But what makes him rather special is that most of the other characters, from Hollywood star Rosa Canyon to Rio Rollins herself are in fact American, and none of them have the tendency to say, “OH MAI GOD!” or other random English phrases. On top of that, the show most likely takes place in America.

So what we have here with Mr. Hard is an AMERICAN-type anime character in a show where everything already is American. Which is to say, Bull Hard must be some kind of transcendental American. Perhaps like how Spencer Henry is Italian-American or Monica Adenauer is German-American, he would best be considered an American-American, or maybe even a DOUBLE American.

In any case, I hope he makes a return (not likely).