Glass Mask on Crunchy Roll

You might recall that I called the latest anime adaptation of Glass Mask to be one of the best shows of 2005. You might also recall my lament that no one has ever finished fansubbing the series, and so even if you started watching you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it fully.

Those days are numbered however, as Crunchy Roll recently acquired the show for free streaming with subtitles. The chances of them completing the show are very high, and all it took was for the actual company in charge of Glass Mask to give a new streaming site which recently went “legit” episodes they subtitled persoanlly. That’s all!

Anyway, check out my above review and see if that doesn’t get you watching.

Oh, it seems a lot of people are comparing Glass Mask to Skip Beat! and saying Glass Mask is better. I’ve never seen Skip Beat! so take that how you will.