The Fujoshi Files 135: Inuzuka Shino

Name: Inuzuka, Shino (犬塚志乃)
Alias: Wanko (わんこ)
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Cyber Yaoi Girl

A hard-working career woman at a pharmaceutical company, Inuzuka Shino is also known online as Wanko, owner of a popular and prominent Ai no Doronuma yaoi fansite. Able to balance her work and home life fairly well, Shino constantly wonders how to improve her site both on a design level as well as the underlying hardware required to run it. She also designs animated gifs.

Inuzuka is good friends with other members of the Ai no Doronuma fan community, including relative novice Tanaka Mitsuki. Shino is often too high-level for Mitsuki, her fujoshi mindset knowing almost no boundaries. Though Inuzuka occasionally gets into relationships, she will sometimes completely forget about the guy’s existence and go hang out with her friends.

Fujoshi Level:
Shino is able to view Osama Bin Laden and Omar Sheikh as a yaoi couple, but is unable to do the same with George W. Bush because, according to her, it is impossible to pair uncute idiots.