Genshiken 2, adding to the flavor

“Check out these pythons!”

I’m not sure if I’ve made it clear previously, but I really like Genshiken, and I really like Ogiue.

I have had all 9 volumes of Genshiken, in Japanese, since last year, and I had been highly anticipating the arrival of the second series ever since it was announced and perhaps even before then. Naturally, I thought about the pace of the series previous, and what they had covered in the OVAs, and I figured that, hey, it might be a bit of a squeeze, but they could probably fit enough of the significant content from Volumes 5-9 and finish it off this season.

However, in Genshiken 2, entire chapters have been extended to the point that they fill the approximately 22 minute space that is a tv episode. They’re up to episode 7 already and they’ve only gotten to the end of Volume 6. Either they don’t intend to finish it off just yet, or they’re gonna cut out a lot of stuff from the manga.

Poor Keiko. I get the feeling most of her scenes are gonna get axed.

Now, you’d think I’d be mad at Studio ARMS for extending the chapters in this manner, but I’m really not, because they’ve managed to pull it off successfully. I am genuinely enjoying the episodes, and the added content only serves to enrich the characters and their thoughts and interactions. The prime example of this is episode 5, “Madarame is a Total Bottom,” an episode which covers the manga chapter which basically turned me from an Ogiue fan to an Ogiue fanatic.

Hell, the image banner I’m using here is taken directly from that chapter.

The episode devoted far more time to Ogiue’s fantasies than Kio Shimoku did in the original manga, but it provides me, the viewer, with such a strong understanding of what’s going on inside the mind of sweet Ogi that I cannot help but appreciate it. I am no fan of yaoi, but that I was pretty much seeing her direct train of thought, (lightly) warped logic, and that I was pretty much in Ogiue’s head provides me with a sort of joy that is both pleasant and visceral.

Keep at it, Studio ARMS! The only thing I worry about is that they probably don’t have enough content for a third season if they keep up this pace. Maybe another OVA series is in the works.

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