Genshiken, Season 3?


No, this is not an announcement or rumor for a 3rd season, so please don’t misinterpret the title of this post. Instead, this post is about the possibility of a 3rd television series vs another OVA series.

As we sit here, one episode away from the end of Genshiken 2, those of us who have read the manga know that there is so much more to go through, including what is the most important plot development in Genshiken. It’s already been set in motion throughout season 2 (and even emphasized more heavily when compared to the manga). Of course, I’m talking about Sasa x Ogi.

I really think there is still enough content for another television series. We still have two entire volumes that have been untouched, we have a few stories that were skipped in Genshiken 2 (namely Keiko taking the Shiiou University exam), and we also know that Studio ARMS is not above creating new content or extending existing scenes and doing a good job of it.

If we do get an OVA though, obviously the most important thing it needs to cover is the Sasa x Ogi climax, and that alone provides enough content for two half-hour episodes, if not three.


9 thoughts on “Genshiken, Season 3?

  1. Agreed, third season would be welcomed in my book. As for content, it looks like they want Sasahara’s sister out of the plot so i doubt we’ll see her again. I would like to see some more of the details about Ogiue’s other works and her relationships between the Manga Club female members, all that was in the manga was a few four panels after they spent an entire chapter on introducing them. Perhaps with having them earlier in the anime, the studio has more plans for them, or so i hope. Let’s just hope there’s no Kujibiki season and Genshiken eps 13-15 packaged with them, that would seriously bum me out.


  2. Amen to that, I’m certainly hoping for a Season 3 or at least more OVAs as well. Genshiken has got to be one of the best series that covers what it’s really like to be an otaku, I think.

    On a side note, It would really be fun to see one of the American Otaku get with Madarame hahaha


    • The real problem is how they ended season 2. Not only did they bring the story in where Onno-san tricks Sasa and Ogiue to go to the convention together, but more about the two’s feelings is said. Then it ends. -_- *flips table* While the manga continues this dear dream.

      Maybe another set of Ova? At east 2 episodes surrounding how they group go out for a weekend vacation and we find out more about Ogiue’s past and Sasahara finally gets the courage.
      New season? The story would probably go as far as when the last part of the genshiken before we enter genshiken II(with Ogiue as the president and the new characters entering, although I would love if we could hear Hato’s voice). ^^

      But all together it can’t be said that the series had a pretty good run so far. There have been tons of series that had a couple seasons then disappeared from the air and came back a couple years later. Inuyasha for example. X3 But for now might as well enjoy the manga itself and rewatch some the anime. :) He he…just saying. ^^


  3. I was really into this and watched both seasons over the weekend, it didn’t finish though, does this mean itll never finish?


        • The manga you’re seeing being released slowly currently is actually a sequel/continuation to the original Genshiken. If you stop at Volume 9 (Chapter 55 I believe), then you will be treated to a complete story and a solid resolution. Then, if you choose to read more, you can.


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