The official Genshiken website announced 2 days ago that a Genshiken novel is on its way!

Light Novel Genshiken: Hainyuuranjin no Yabou ~The Return of Otaku~

Release date: January 22nd, 2008

Cover Artist: Kio Shimoku (of course)

Author: Iida Kazutoshi

Note: The Japanese title is some kind of horrible pun that I can’t quite figure out, so I can’t give a proper translation of the title. It means something like “Ambition to be the Orchid Endosperm.” Note that this is not what the kanji actually mean if you actually read it, but that I suspect they were going for something else. Most likely, it translates to something like “Ambition of the Dutch Pilgrimage.” That also doesn’t make too much sense.

My initial suspicion was that it was a play on Hi-Nu, as in Hi-Nu Gundam.