Name: Ogiue, Chika (荻上千佳)
Ogino Naruyuki (於木野鳴雪), Yukimian (雪見庵)
Relationship Status:
Origin: Genshiken: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture

Ogiue Chika is a member of the Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, or Genshiken, at Shiiou University in Tokyo, and a former member of the Manga Society at the same university. She discovered doujinshi as early as 5th grade, and has maintained a passion for boys’ love ever since, though a traumatic event in her junior high school days created a great deal of self-loathing in her, leading to her denouncing otaku in general. One of her greatest fears was that her love of yaoi would preclude her from ever being in a romantic relationship. Thanks to the friendships she gained by being a part of Genshiken, she has gradually accepted her fujoshi side. She eventually becomes chairman of Genshiken, receiving the title from its previous owner, fellow fujoshi Ohno Kanako.

Ogiue is a talented artist who is best described as being unable to resist drawing what she wants. She has produced a number of works, most prominent among them being Anata no Tonari, a girl-oriented doujinshi involving the characters Mugio and Chihiro from Kujibiki Unbalance.

Fujoshi Level:
The greatest example of Ogiue’s fujocity is the fact that her interest in boys’ love extends out from manga and into the real world. Ogiue fantasizes about her male friends engaged in very obscene activities and has drawn many, many pages (she describes it in multiples of ten) of these images which exist in her fantasies. In fact, her boyfriend, Sasahara Kanji, himself a former chairman of Genshiken, continues to be a subject of her more explicit drawings, and their intimacy has allowed her to draw him with greater accuracy.