205 Days Left Until Earth’s Destruction: Space Battleship Yamato Episodes 9-14

“Why it was just different lighting all along!”

Another 6 episodes of Space Battleship Yamato and man, those slow episodes from early on seem like a thing of the past. The biggest step forward by far though is the introduction of Lord Desslar. I mean, he was introduced before in around episode 3 or 4, but at that point he was just Some Guy, and it’s not until episode 11 that I began to see why Desslar is so beloved, and why many consider him to be such a tremendously good villain. His plans to destroy the Yamato amount to more than just “totally shoot it until it blows up.” He has multiple contingencies and works to create situations where you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Also, watching him open up a trap door underneath an uncouth soldier with no respect for the enemy and saying, “We don’t need such barbaric thinking in the Gamilus Empire” defines his character so very well. Highly intelligent and ruthless, but with a sense of honor befitting his title as ruler of Gamilus.

Desslar is just smooth.

But this isn’t the Desslar fan club. This is a Yamato review. And there’s plenty of characters to talk about. Kodai and Okita in particular get some powerful development. The revelation of Okita’s (space) radiation sickness and the quiet loneliness of his existence begins to show the real depth of the Yamato captain. Knowing that Kodai used to hate fighting shows how much the death of his family at the hands of Gamilus has driven him to take revenge. Just seeing every character say good bye to their families before leaving the Solar System, and all of them feeling that the 5 minutes allotted to each person was simply not enough time, that episode was probably the one that affected me the most so far.

Keep at it Yamato. You are deserving your reputation.

PS: Why is Yuki the only girl on board. They did not think this through very well, aside from the possibility that they need to keep the women at home to give birth and raise children for the sake of humanity’s future.

4 thoughts on “205 Days Left Until Earth’s Destruction: Space Battleship Yamato Episodes 9-14

  1. The story behind Yuki being the only female crew member is awfully similar to the one I told you about the Gamilons being blue: one day, The Nish stood up and declared that Yuki was the only female crew member aboard the Yamato. So it was declared, so shall it be. This despite the fact that in many of the earlier episodes, you can plainly see other female crew members in the background.


  2. Speaking as a longtime Yamato/Star Blazers fan, I’m very pleased that the show still works for at least some people, even without the glow of nostalgia from having watched it as a kid. I’ve never been wholly confident that it would!


  3. Heh.

    Dessler gets an even better scene in the third season. Gives you a good view of why he is the leader and feared by his generals. Never go behind Dessler’s back…even why you are trying to get him a birthday present…especially if that present is named Yamato.


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