Pain of the heart: 5cm per second

I went to see 5cm per Second at the New York International Children’s Film Festival.

There will be spoilers, but I don’t want to explain the plot too much because I’m not sure if I can do it justice, and a part of me just doesn’t want to because the movie is painful.

Yes, painful.

The genuine feelings of yesterday betrayed by distance and time, it’s somewhat difficult to reflect upon. The scene that hit me hardest was part 3, when you first find out that Akari is married, and then in what is essentially a music montage you see as she slowly separates from Takaki, with the final blow being her as an adult walking closely to the man we assume she is going to marry.  It’s like I could feel Takaki’s pain but so much more because he never saw that directly.

And then I realized, that it’s already too late for me to have experienced these feelings in my school days. I am pained because I have never had the opportunity to feel this pain.

It makes me want to re-evaluate my life.

5 thoughts on “Pain of the heart: 5cm per second

  1. It’s why 5cm is the culmination of Shinkai’s work. While he has a very bright future ahead of in animation, I doubt he can top it.


  2. I’m not pained that I haven’t felt such a thing either, but there is a sense of loss that I couldn’t have had the opportunity to go through such a thing when I was younger. I’m still in school now (medical school that is), but it’s definitely not the same feeling. But life goes on. :3


  3. I claim that anyone who’s attended a coeducational middle or high school has had the opportunity – which shouldn’t be confused with failure to seize said opportunity and have these experiences, whether due to being antisocial or whatever other factors. It’s also worth noting that, for all the director’s talents or merits of the script, these experiences are still a stylized portrayal designed to make for a good show. As such, it seems silly to regret about not experiencing something like emotional pain or heartbreak on such a simplistic basis.


  4. Just finished watching it and the feelings of loss and (memories of) pain from the past remembered is what you’re left with.

    It an amazing piece of work, probably the best anime production I ever saw and even though I know what he’s going trough from first hand experience I bet even people who were never hurt that much will feel a part of the pain.

    Of course these kind of things are a part of life but that still doesn’t mean we have to like it when ‘life’ gets in the way of our dreams and hopes.

    Man, it’s been a while since I felt lice crying..


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