Japan Day, or Drawing Ogiue on Pictochat

I went to Japan Day with some friends, and I even met Erin and Noah, the Ninja Consultants and a bunch of other folks I had never met before, like James. Sadly, I got there a little late and missed many exciting activities, most notably the Free Food, though I noticed that the curry they were serving was not any curry but Go Go Curry, which is one of my favorite places to eat. Seriously if you haven’t been there you should really check out this robust and affordable Japanese curry. Unless you cannot eat milk or pork. Their menu does not deviate.

Anyway, I saw HALCALI with friends. The second song they performed was Tip Taps Tip. When HALCALI asked (in English) if the audience knew about the anime that Tip Taps Tip was an ending theme for, Eureka Seven, I let out a high-pitched “WHOO” with my arms outstretched.

Other than me, all I heard was silence.

Everyone in that audience: You suck.

All in all a good time, and I was able to have various groups of friends of mine meet each other. Between them I discussed fujoshi, learning Japanese, and of course anime, though not everyone participated in every conversation.

The most important thing though is that at one point during Japan Day I ended up Pictochatting with my friends…who were sitting right next to me.

Naturally I drew Ogiue.

But then I thought, maybe I should keep drawing Ogiue. Of course, I’d have to mix it up. I drew standard Ogiue, without the glimmer in her eyes, so what should I draw next?

Why, Ogiue in high school, of course. You can see her at the beginning of Volume 6 inside the TV behind the actual Ogiue.

Next I drew Ogiue in Junior High. My friend remarked to me, “I don’t like where this is going.”

Of course, we have no record of Ogiue prior to that, so I should have stopped. But wait! I had an idea.

So I drew a girl, her face obscured, holding a doujinshi, her first doujinshi, which she saw in 5th grade. Thus making it at least partially accurate.

Yes, I did just spend more time talking about a few minutes of drawing Ogiue on a Nintendo DS than the entire rest of the event.

6 thoughts on “Japan Day, or Drawing Ogiue on Pictochat

  1. My tournament ran hours later than expected (plus I bombed), so I missed the festivities entirely. Oh well! I’ll start my own Japan Day where I make a slideshow out of scans of Wounded Man, project them on a 40-foot screen, and read it to passers-by.


  2. WAH: You’d go to hell!

    WHOO to you for screaming, but you are right, that crowd was pretty dense. Mostly because it’s full of fangirls for Shimizu. Ones Ogiue would probably hate.


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