Priorities for Otakon

-JAM Project concert, that Katsura comedian guy.

-Finding something for JAM Project to sign, preferrably a cool, relevant poster or a DVD box set. Something like Scrapped Princess for example, or Gravion.

-Ogiue merchandise. I will not be denied again, unless it’s of course by virtue of there not being anything.

-Meeting with cool people.

-Avoiding the Yamaguchi Kappei line, as much as I’d like to meet the man who voiced Sai Saici. He plays L (from Death Note) and Inuyasha (from Pokemon). The fangirl barrier will be impenetrable.

-I may or may not want to watch a few episodes of the classic Casshern anime.

-Kick, Attack, Lightspeed Punch

2 thoughts on “Priorities for Otakon

  1. Maybe we’ll run into each other, as I always look for gachpon of my favorite series. Genshiken wise, I have Saki and Kousaka and one character from Kugibiki Unbalance (The collection it comes from is really detail, they look great. This time I’m looking to complete the Genshiken set and score some from Gurren Lagann and Zero no Tsukaima.


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