The Ending I Want for Code Geass

Odysseus u Britannia, eldest son of Emperor Charles di Britannia, is the Hitou Nami of Code Geass. He is a man who did not find anything odd about being married to a tiny little girl. Had the marriage gone through, he probably would’ve spent their honeymoon making hot cocoa and playing board games with Tianzi. He is the master of milquetoast, the avatar of average, the sultan of sterile. Somehow, in a family of conniving psychos, Odysseus remains completely sane and, more importantly, completely alive.

As such, he is easily my favorite male character in Code Geass. And with that said, I can think of no better conclusion that for Odysseus to become the new Britannian Emperor while the rest of the royal family dies.

And the moral of this story would be…

7 thoughts on “The Ending I Want for Code Geass

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  2. Odysseus is the best because he has a character design that SCREAMS “I’m gonna die stupidly” but he hasn’t yet. What a loser.


  3. Oh man, if he would be the king, i’d rather die with Lelouch’s ‘die’ order. He is manly useless. He doesn’t even care if he’s married with a girl half his size.


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