The Fujoshi Files 7: Asano Yukina

Name:Asano, Yukina (浅野 ゆきな)
Relationship Status:
Origin: Midori Days

Asano Yukina is a soft-spoken girl who has been drawing manga since she was little. As a child, she had formed a friendship with one Sawamura Seiji, who would later grow up to be feared by men and women alike for being one of the toughest delinquents around. Asano is well aware that Sawamura had a tremendous crush on her, but it appears to not have affected their friendship in any negative way.

Asano’s favorite manga character is Amagasaki Iori, whom Asano refers to as “Iori-sama.” Her favorite pairing is Iori x Fuyuki. So strong is Asano’s love of Iori that she can ramble on endlessly about his wonderful qualities both as a character and as a person.

Fujoshi Level:
Asano Yukina is a fearsome fujoshi who has rejected the realm of 3-D men. In her eyes, none living or dead, fictional or non-fictional are greater than her Iori-sama. She generally considers real men to be selfish and unkind, and seeks comfort in the purely 2-D arms of Amagasaki Iori. Even when her feelings are stirred by a brave display from her friend Sawamura, Asano’s first instinct is to turn him into a manga character, as if to say she prefers to like the fictional Sawamura over the real one.


5 thoughts on “The Fujoshi Files 7: Asano Yukina

  1. While I’ve never heard of the character–a Google search returned a few pages linking to this post before I found the Wikipedia article noting she was a character from Midori Days–I can’t help but doubt that this character and the myriads of others like her receives the same level of well-deserved scorn as her male counterparts. Her physical character design makes her out to look, by all rights, like a fairly normal human being. In fact, I’m sure that to many she would be considered an attractive character. Indeed, you state this guy Sawamura has a tremendous crush on her, but she just doesn’t care.

    By contrast, all the guys in anime and manga who portray otaku that are vocal in their having rejected the 3-D world are drawn and depicted as the lowest of the low, targets of scorn and ridicule. Other than maybe that Genshiken bullshit, there are NEVER girls with tremendous crushes on these guys which they’re just plain not interested in.

    And yet, I don’t think there’s any sort of evil nefarious bias at play here; I think this is actually a mirror of how the allied moe/fujoshi industrial complex manifests in real life. Whether it’s otaku or Internet dating sites, the story’s the same: the guys are completely isolated and are gonna have to fight [themselves] tooth and nail for multiple manga volumes before a girl will even approach them, and the girls have no shortage of potential suitors such that they can be incredibly picky. Incidentally, the moe-possessed guys have the exact same picky mentality, but since they don’t have an abundance of choice their thought patterns are seen as the follies they are. Heck, the latest episode of AWO (Show 74) is all about this.

    I want to see someone make an anime (I assume a manga’s out there somewhere, untranslated) about an ugly fujoshi in her 30s who abandons the 3-D world to focus entirely on yaoi/BL, and how grim and dire her life becomes as a result. Characters like Ohno and this Asano lady are for the birds.


  2. You are criticizing Asano Yukina for not being “real” enough. It’s not supposed to be serious business. It is Midori Days. She supposed to be a funny character in a funny manga. It’s like criticizing a character in Hayate the Combat Butler or Keroro Gunso for not being “real” enough. It’s not that a realistic character can’t be funny but you seem to be missing the point. Characters with silly and somewhat unrealistic traits can be funny, too. If Midori Days was supposed to be this super serious look at life I might see some valid argument. Midori Days is a comedy about a girl who becomes a hand puppet attached to the hand of the boy she likes. There is nothing super serious here. On the other hand, I am sure that manga about a horrible Fujoshi who turns herself away from the real world could be funny or heart-breaking if done by the right artist. I do question if it could ever be popular enough to be animated. I can’t easily place my finger on it but I can’t see anyone buying into the series the way you would want it. The closest you would get would be something like The Wallflower which I’m sure would not make you happy.


  3. I have never seen the show in question, but it fascinates me that you could read what I wrote and conclude my criticism was that she wasn’t “real” enough, when my entire premise was the complete and total opposite: that she is, in fact, a realistic depiction of such a character.

    “And yet, I don’t think there’s any sort of evil nefarious bias at play here; I think this is actually a mirror of how the allied moe/fujoshi industrial complex manifests in real life.”

    It makes me wonder if I’m simply incapable of conveying a point, or if everyone just plain doesn’t bother to read what I say because it’s too many words. Because people do this to me at an alarming rate.


  4. Yeah I totally missed your point which is clearly my bad. I think you write in an almost stream of conciseness way that is not always the easiest to follow. For me at least.


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