The Fujoshi Files 7: Asano Yukina

Name:Asano, Yukina (浅野 ゆきな)
Relationship Status:
Origin: Midori Days

Asano Yukina is a soft-spoken girl who has been drawing manga since she was little. As a child, she had formed a friendship with one Sawamura Seiji, who would later grow up to be feared by men and women alike for being one of the toughest delinquents around. Asano is well aware that Sawamura had a tremendous crush on her, but it appears to not have affected their friendship in any negative way.

Asano’s favorite manga character is Amagasaki Iori, whom Asano refers to as “Iori-sama.” Her favorite pairing is Iori x Fuyuki. So strong is Asano’s love of Iori that she can ramble on endlessly about his wonderful qualities both as a character and as a person.

Fujoshi Level:
Asano Yukina is a fearsome fujoshi who has rejected the realm of 3-D men. In her eyes, none living or dead, fictional or non-fictional are greater than her Iori-sama. She generally considers real men to be selfish and unkind, and seeks comfort in the purely 2-D arms of Amagasaki Iori. Even when her feelings are stirred by a brave display from her friend Sawamura, Asano’s first instinct is to turn him into a manga character, as if to say she prefers to like the fictional Sawamura over the real one.