Ah so

In my quest to finds clips online that aren’t anime to help with my listening comprehension, I found out that Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso aka Rozen Aso has his own Nico Nico Douga channel. What better way to practice than with the man, the legend?

So I say, but actually the most I got out of this was learning a new phrase: マスゴミ (masugomi)

マスコミ (Mass Communication, masukomi) + ゴミ (Garbage, gomi) = マスゴミ (Mass Garbage) or something along the lines of useless politics, etc. talk.

It’s a useful phrase.

2 thoughts on “Ah so

  1. Your deduction about the “word” is correct, but it’s more of an derogatory term for the mass-media (newspapers, tv). Usually used when media foul mouths a group or its hobby or practices, make single sided reports, makes inaccurate or incorrect reports, etc.
    You can find the word online and probably used by some youths an sub-groups, but i have no idea how far it is adopted by the normal vocabulary. So I don’t know how “official” the word is yet.


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