A day late, but what’s over is over and I can take as long as I want to reflect.

Keep in mind that I’m not allowed to talk about the actual content of the test or else my score is invalidated, and it wouldn’t be that hard for someone to find this blog and go “Hmmmmm…” especially because I have that “jlpt” category. I’ll have to respect the Japan Society’s wishes.

I don’t actually know how well I performed, but I was able to finish each section with time to spare and that’s certainly a leg up from the practice test I took a few weeks back. Taking the practice test (which is just the exam from 2007) helped a lot, as it showed me where I needed to manage my time better and what I needed to study more.

I feel pretty good about it, but I can’t make any guarantees, and we won’t find out our scores until March.

For those of you who took the JLPT with me, I hope you all did your best. Regardless of whatever score you’ll achieve, I’m sure you all managed to learn a lot.

As an aside, looking at the JLPT1 Success rates on Wikipedia is kind of frightening. Because you look at the number of people who passed and it’s “33%.”

Then you realize that it’s 33% pass rate for people… IN JAPAN.

Yeaaahhh I don’t think I’m aiming for that any time soon.