Name: Nidou, Kaneru (二道かねる)
Kaneru (かねる)
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Doujin Work

Nidou Kaneru is a young office assistant who draws doujinshi on the side and dreams of entering the world of professional manga. What Nidou lacks in talent, she makes up for with enthusiasm. Nidou Kaneru is very enthusiastic.

Originally not a fan of male/male relationships, she is convinced to start drawing yaoi by fellow doujin artist Tsuyuri aka Pantsuko. Although she is unable to sell even a single copy at first, Nidou does gain a degree over success over time. However, whenever she entertains the notion of quitting her dayjob to draw full time, her friends are quick to remind her of the merits of steady employment.

Nidou tends to act in a manner not quite befitting her age, and is patronized by everyone from higher-ups at work to elementary school students. Her main rival is the money-loving doujin artist Osana Najimi, and her best friend is her peace-loving teddy bear Aeolus.

Fujoshi Level:
Although Nidou Kaneru starts off drawing guy-on-guy doujinshi at the recommendation of another, it does not make her any less authentic as a fujoshi. After her artistic transformation, Nidou is unable to see two men together without thinking of the possibilities, whether it be two men who actually hate each other or even brothers.