Let’s Play a Game Using GONZO’s Woes

The animation studio GONZO, unable to make up for much of its losses over the past few yaers, recently cut most of its staff and is planning on reducing their output by 50%, down to four shows a year instead of eight. As GONZO marches forward, trying to do what it can to survive (which includes big steps into streaming video online), I feel it might be fun to figure out who these remaining creative staff members are.

I haven’t done any work on it at this point, but I figure there’s only 30 of them left, down from 130. By cross-checking the names that appear at the end of all of their shows, a comprehensive list could be formed.

That said, I wonder if any cut staff members are perhaps planning on forming their own companies.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Play a Game Using GONZO’s Woes

  1. Well, duh. It’s like suggesting that someone determine by reading credits who is the first string J.C.staffer (Toradora), and who’s the second string (Index). If you actually went and done it… There’s a hope that some otaku has gone into the trouble, but if so they probably posted the results to 2ch.net.


  2. Seeing as they cut their staff very recently, I don’t think a list would be feasible in the near future. It would probably take a few seasons before the shows produced by the current limited staff become more common, and until then there’s very little chance of 2ch having the results anywhere.


  3. I’d love to see the lay-offs go make their own anime. We’ve already seen it by Makoto Shinkai and Atsuya Uki (producer of the new Cencoroll), so why not more individuals making ground-breaking works on their own time?


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