Correction to AnimeNEXT 2009 Panel Information

It turns out that due to a mistake on the side of AnimeNEXT that my panel proposal was never submitted and so my panel did not go through and my previous information is somewhat incorrect. The anime blogging panel you will see was the one proposed by Omo. The good news is that I will be taking part in this panel along side Omo, Super Rats, and Moy in what is sure to be a fun and informative panel.

Again, that’s Sunday June 14th at AnimeNEXT from 2-3pm.

And I will still be doing the “I Can’t Believe You Haven’t Seen This!” panel alongside the Reverse Thieves on Saturday June 13th from 9am-10am. I highly recommend you wake up for this one, especially if you’re itching for titles to expand your interests.

5 thoughts on “Correction to AnimeNEXT 2009 Panel Information

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