The Deception of Hirasawa Ui

This is Hirasawa Ui. She is the younger sister of the Light Music Club’s lead guitarist Hirasawa Yui. She is also a TRICK designed to pull in otaku and leave them with more than they anticipated!

Yes Ui is a little sister, and in that sense many fans may be drawn in by her “little sister” appeal. However, that imouto moe is only on the surface, and what lies underneath is a beast from yesteryear, ready to reclaim the throne of fandom, away from the tsundere, away from the “Onii-chan!” spouting imouto, away from the maids, away from the tsundere imouto maids.

Hirasawa Ui is actually a 1980s Childhood Friend Shounen Heroine in the guise of a little sister. She bears few similarites to Kyon’s sister from Haruhi or Cardcaptor Sakura, while her personality is closer to that of Yuria from Hokuto no Ken or Minami from Touch! Closer to her is Mikan from ToLoveRu but Mikan still leans closer to the imouto moe side. Capable, smart, responsible, and always in a position to help those close to her, Ui is the start of a secret plan to bring back the 80s Shounen Heroine, or at the very least the To Heart’s Akari-style childhood friend (as opposed to the To Heart 2 Konomi-style childhood friend).

“Oh!” you might say, “But she’s not the most popular character!” But that’s where they get you. Because she’s not in the main cast, because she’s not at the forefront of her show, she can slowly build up momentum. She is the first of many. She is avantgarde.

Now that you know the truth, you have two choices: embrace it or fight it. Just know that Hirasawa Ui will be there to serve you tea and make sure you’re comfortable.


4 thoughts on “The Deception of Hirasawa Ui

  1. It’s particularly funny to me that between the third and fourth paragraph, I took a mental break and thought to myself, “but she’s not the most popular character.” And then BAM!, right on the next line in the same exact wording that was flying through my head.


  2. 1. At some point she will reveal a weakness that paints her moe spot for some and allows others to write her off contrary to the nature of your post. True imouto types will play their roles to their graves.

    2. Dokkoida?! has a similar play on this.


    • Knowing what I know from the manga, this does not actually seem to be the case, other than her affection for her sister. Which makes her more awesome. :P


  3. ..there is little in life that I would surrender to blindly, if anything at all.
    *Except: Ui !
    From the very beginning I knew there was something special about her.
    It was a feeling similar to the one where you realize, albeit always too late, that you’ve fallen in love with someone.
    Yes, when it comes to Ui I’m putty in her hands. I can’t speak right or think properly and even have a hard time remembering my own NAME!
    Ah yes, I think I’ve fallen for Ui. (~sigh)


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