“Be a Man!” Otokojuku Live Action Movie Saturday, June 27th

The New York Asian Film Festival is going on right now, and Saturday they’re going to be showing a movie based on the 80s Shounen Jump property Sakigake!! Otokojuku, about a school full of delinquents and the Samurai-esque main character who unites them with his manliness and his wooden sword. Advertised here as “Be a Man! Samurai School,” the movie will be shown at 8pm at the IFC Theater in Manhattan, on 6th Ave and West 3rd. I will be attending, as well as quite a few other anime bloggers in the New York area, such as the Reverse Thieves, Subatomic Brainfreeze, and Anime Almanac. Good times will be had, and a generation of moviegoers (limited to those who are inside the theater) will have a taste of true manliness.

The original Otokojuku opening:

And a choice scene from the anime:

3 thoughts on ““Be a Man!” Otokojuku Live Action Movie Saturday, June 27th

  1. Point of order: Momotaro has a real, sharp sword, not a wooden one. And the POINT of the Men’s School is to whip losers into shape, to take the weak and make them strong, to take the loners and make them team players, blah blah blah.

    Of course the entire thing is dialed to 11, then the knob broken off….



  2. :3 This was a nice film with some very great scenes (for a live action film about manlyness). You’ll enjoy it.

    It’s too bad everyone waits till now to get all excited for it. :|


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